20 Whacky and Coolest Wedding Invitations

Indians are crazy about weddings, and they definitely want their weddings to stand apart from the rest. But nowadays, Indian weddings are hardly creative. Every couple has a grand hall, multi-cuisine menu and designer dresses. So how can you make your wedding stand apart from the rest? It is simple; start by printing some unique wedding invitation cards! Here are some whacky wedding invites that will simply blow your mind.
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Open a bottle of happiness

Grab soft drink bottles from the kabadiwala, clean it well, and fill it with elements, like coloured sand, a little glitter and a hint of some breezy fragrance. Send it to your friends and relatives with a small scroll giving information about your wedding venue. You can also tie some ribbon around the bottle to make it into a cute keepsake for your guests. This is a great DIY (do it yourself) card for those who love to recycle!


Image courtesy: Anne Ruthmann photography

Kuch meetha ho jaye!

Chocolate is something, which everyone associates with happiness; be it your first birthday or Diwali celebrations. So why not print your wedding invite on one of the quintessential elements of your life? You can also include creative ingredients (love, care and happiness) and a whacky MRP (your guests' blessings) on the cover.


Image courtesy: www.mr-funny.com

Comic Strip

Star Wars' lovers, fans of zombies, and vampire freaks will love this invite. You can create a gothic wedding card or create illustrations using your favourite comic character. You can also create a small comic strip narrating all the details about your wedding.


Image courtesy: www.webdesignerdepot.com

Folksy cards

Do you belong to a region, which is known for its rich culture? If yes, then you should try to showcase that through your wedding card. This card shows the art of puppetry, which makes it quirky and cool.


Image courtesy: www.kshiraj.com

Photo roll

Send your guests a photo roll, with instructions printed on a piece of paper. As they pull the roll out, they would be able to read all about your good news and the wedding details.


Image courtesy: ambient studios (modern wedding photography)

Tell me your love story

Do you want your loved ones to know how you met your spouse? Your first date, the time you fell in love and how he proposed to you? Well, simply print a card detailing the cute anecdotes, your little fights, and the 'Yes, I will marry you' moment!'


Image courtesy: www.trouinspirasie.co.za

Inflate Happiness

Print your wedding invite on a balloon and send it in a fancy envelope to your guests. When they open it, they will be puzzled to find a balloon. But when they do inflate it, they will get one of the best surprises of their lives.


Image courtesy: www.julietmarriesromeo.com

Mad about Sci-Fi

If you and your husband love science fiction, then you can create a small story line and design your card accordingly. Incorporate your wedding details seamlessly with the plot.


Image courtesy: www.dzineblog.com

Tray of joy

A bamboo tray filled with goodies and exotic flowers with the wedding invite kept in a small jute bag is indeed an ec-friendly idea. You can also decide on a theme and buy your small elements and flowers accordingly.


Image courtesy: ohsobeautifulpaper.com

Gizmo card

Do you and your spouse love gadgets? Then this laptop inspired invite is simply perfect for you. Jazz it up with some tongue-in-cheek humour and witty lines.


Image courtesy: www.oddee.com

The Great Indian Circus

Indian weddings are no less than a circus with their bright lights, grandeur, and over the top decoration. So, send invites in complete circus ishtyle with tickets, show highlights (i.e. the wedding), date, and venue.


Image courtesy: www.oncewed.com

The edible card

Instead of opting for boring handmade paper, you can print your wedding invites on something as innovative as eggs (wooden of course!). If you are not excited about eggs, then you can opt for other things. Let your imagination soar!


Image courtesy: www.etsy.com

Bird house

This card not only looks cute, but will also make a great keepsake for your guests. Instead of making a bird house, you can create your own little 'home sweet home', along with a nameplate announcing you as Mr. and Mrs.


Image courtesy: www.easterndresses.wordpress.com

Zoozoo love

Indians love zoozoo; so why not take this love to another level with a zoozoo themed wedding invite? This card is perfect to express your cute wedding story.


Image courtesy: www.oddee.com.

Movie poster wedding invite

Bollywood themed wedding invites are a passé; instead get your wedding card designed like a movie poster, with 'expert reviews' from dadima and dadaji, a brief glimpse to your love story and an awesome title.


Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anish/972904309/

A ticket to your wedding

Get your wedding card printed on the template of an airline ticket mentioning the venue, the date, time, food and other details. To make it look authentic, give the 'airline' a name like 'Love Express' or something really quirky. You can send it across in a formal looking envelope. Card in the form of a passport is also another innovative idea.


Images courtesy: www.bespoke-bride.com and www.loveolio.com

Traveller card

Showcase all the romantic spots in the world and your good news through this amazing pictorial wedding invite.


Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/crosti/4786676650/

Fun photo invite

Pictures speak a thousand words and this card will definitely convey a lot more than that. All you have to do is just make a collage of your funny and weird photographs, which will tell your guests all about your courtship and romantic chemistry.


Image courtesy: www.blisstree.com

Rotate the wheel

One of the most interesting ways to create a wedding invite is to print it on chipboard invitation wheel. Your guests will have loads of fun rotating the wheel to get the relevant information.


Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31095401@N04/3513369755/

A boxful of love

If you want to give your guests a pleasant surprise, you can get your wedding invite printed on the inside of a box and fill it with goodies. It could be dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, confetti, a showpiece or anything else you can think of. They would definitely have a smile on their face when they open the box.


So don your creative caps and send some cool and 'out of the box' invites to all your guests.


Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21183089@N02/2186032368/