2014 Yearly Astro Predictions

2014 Yearly Astro Predictions

It`s that time of the year again when we are ready to usher in a brand new year! With 2014 knocking on our doors, let`s take a closer look at what the stars have in store for you. Powerful retrogrades, cosmic challenges and karmic lessons - 2014 has everything and more!

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2014 will be a lot more restful for you, dear Aries and nothing will deter you from your goals this year and this is all because of Jupiter`s powerful presence. You are ready to break free from any clingy patterns that may have proved unhealthy for you. The year begins on an excellent note for you as your finances get a major boost, thanks to the positive influence of Ketu and you more than make up for all those minor financial setbacks you have suffered in the past few months. Students will get some exciting opportunities to venture into higher education and research work in the month of August. Where your personal life and relationships are concerned, October will see you relaxed and happy in the company of your loved ones. Their unconditional love and support will help you overcome any adversities and come out winning this year. You will form some close, strong bonds that will be almost unbreakable and will provide you strength and confidence, in any low phases. An issue that had been nagging you, in relation with your home life, for quite some time now, will finally be settled in December, bringing you a welcome sense of relief. This year shows all the signs of being a truly promising one; you just have to capitalize on opportunities you get for results. Mars ruled Aries will gain from utilizing their inborn talents and not shying away from the spotlight.


2014 is a year of opportunities for you on almost every single sphere of life, dear Taurus. Good news is indicated in February due to a favourable Moon. Its effect will help you in a very holistic manner when you find yourself re-evaluating the very fabrics of your life. Lessons that have become commonplace and routine are seen in a new light during the Mercury Retrograde phase from February 7th -27th. The results of these changes can be either fruitful or inauspicious, depending on the individual, and the situation. It sure is time to take matters in a positive light, in short. Around the mid-year, old friends and/or lovers may re-enter your life. Your personal resources, values and self-worth become popular topics of discussion; misinformation about any of which is a problem requiring special scrutiny. Delay the desire to shop till you drop or purchase items by mail, phone or online. Items bought now will likely be returned. This is a time to review your budget, reassess your assets and plan for future purchases. November sees you wanting to do things differently. You may feel the urge to become a different person, change something about yourself, maybe some of your perceptions? This transformation can only take your life one way: upwards! Drench yourself in this new life. Flexibility is here to stay and you sure can feel the difference it has made in your life. Romantically, the year-end will be blissful and extremely engaging.


2014 will begin on a great note and will see you setting your priorities right! Gemini, you will find yourself entering a stable phase in your life. Things will certainly take a turn for the better where your personal life is concerned, mainly in the sphere of your relationships and friendships. Mercury indicates there will be some reunions in store, with friends with whom you have been estranged for a while. Most things should go favourable for you this year except for a brief period between January to March, due to the unfavourable position of Mercury. Mercury retrograde on February 7th indicates delays and diversions. Watch out for communication barriers. Professionally, this year is slated to bring great rewards for most of you, especially in the month of October. You will have enough reasons to look back at this great year and celebrate. Financial activities will be very rewarding with lady luck smiling on you. Finances show signs of being pretty stable with only some caution necessary in the months of October and November. December sees you firmly and comfortably settled in a new phase of your life, thanks to a generous Sun. Be bold and creative this year and see yourself grow by leaps and bounds.


The year 2014 is going to bring a whole bunch of changes in your life and work. During this time, just remember that the rule of thumb is that whatever you do in the area of everyday routine - it`s not typically going to go as smoothly as you thought it would. This brings us to another important matter: remain flexible. If necessary, have a back-up plan, dear Cancer. In fact, have two backup plans! But, breathe easy, for, this too, will pass. Other than this, social groups, clubs and organizations will be a source of information for something you may have been looking for. And, don`t forget, contact with friends and supporters can help to sort out your confusion about your personal financial security. Listen to their advice but don`t allow them to influence your decisions out of a sense of loyalty. Be careful about making commitments that could be misunderstood. November will be a time when a lack of boundaries, imagination, creativity and a desire to experience the pleasures of the moment can get the best of you as logic is set aside replaced by feelings and intuition. The year end is a good time to review career benefits as well as your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future in a realistic way and put them into action.


The year ahead 2014 brings a fruitful time for you on all fronts, Leo -  you realise you are so full of determination to succeed that almost nothing can pry you away from your mission. Nothing will stop you from accomplishing what you have set your heart on. This mystically charged period will remind you that efficiency is built upon stability, so think of it as a maintenance period, ideal for revisiting old problems that call for action but lay ignored. If communication problems exist, Mercury will bring them back to your attention. By taking time out to resolve them now you will be better equipped to make smooth progress in the future. Post May, you are going to surprise yourself when you manage to convert your team into a competitive, charged, nearly-edgy one that will be totally driven to succeed. All this is fine, but if this takes you away from your family or a partner, it is not a good thing. Beginning a new relationship, buying luxury items and investing in objects of art or items of beauty is generally discouraged during the Venus dominating period which will occur around March and end around mid-April. This is the time when you would need to really find a balance between work and home life and not let your loved ones suffer due to work pressure. Romantically, you suddenly see the big picture and why things have occurred in a particular order in the last year.


2014 will bring some unexpected developments in your life, which will steer you in a completely new direction, Virgo. The focal points of your activities this year will be planning and clarity in communications. Thanks to the Sun and Mercury, there will be a welcome change in issues that have been creating problems for you for the past few months. Matters of the heart will improve and harmony will be restored on this front due to efforts on your part. A friend of yours will play the role of matchmaker and bring you close to a special someone who seems to promise a good future in terms of love and romance. The year will have an excellent start for you, with your finances getting a huge increase and some of your past investments paying off. You may be away from home for most of the time in the period between August to October as you may be traveling quite a bit, mostly on business though for some it might be that much needed family vacation. Towards the end of the year, especially in November or December, it is your rising health issues that will claim your attention. Apart from taking all the precautions, the best thing you can do for yourself is keep your morale and spirits high.


Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will play an all-important role in shaping your luck in the year 2014, Libra. These powerful planets rarely leave a native feeling weak. This will be a period marked with major changes, shifts and the play of power. You will be granted many rights that you`ll earn by performing many important duties in the year ahead. This is a good year that`ll test you in many ways only to show you how good you are under trying circumstances, dear Libra. Saturn adds to your responsibilities and will keep you in a busy mode till July. Unlike others, you enjoy the added pressure of work and feel blessed to be trusted with so many responsibilities. Your schedule is indicated to be chock-a-block full April 2014 onwards and you may relentlessly pursue your goals and even your deepest desires. This is a remarkable year for you to challenge and learn new lessons. Karmic forces will bring home new insights that will provide you with the clarity you seek.  It is time for rewards in proportion to what and how you may have been or acted. Your career seems promising and your decisions will prove to be right. The third quarter of the year could be even more interesting for you when your ruling planet Venus makes its presence felt. Uranus will also be influencing your luck during this time. Hidden information becomes revealed, usually accompanied by a crisis. Conversations can be misleading and you might inadvertently betray a confidence. The year end brings several professional and personal possibilities your way and you are thrilled to be a part of many important projects. People will listen to you or read what you have to say and are moved to take action. You are like a wakeup call for those that haven`t been paying attention. Not only do you wake them up, you provide them with information and tools to manifest substantial results. True to form, you are going to make a promise only when you are fully prepared to follow through on every detail. This is a year when you put your infectious Libran charm to good use and do some greater good to society.


New ideas and great opportunities will truly make the year 2014 a highly exciting time for you. With Venus influencing your luck there are bound to be changes in all aspects of your life. You will leave all worries aside and focus on only the good things that life has to offer. This is seriously a time for you to be in charge of your life and take all your decisions only after deliberating and discussing them with someone you can trust. Life will only take a better turn and the first few months will seem to fly away without you even noticing it. Come June, exciting career opportunities will lift your spirits and will bring a smile to your face. This is an indication of all the good things that are yet to come your way. Pay attention to your loved ones and try to sort things out with someone you have always cared about but never had an opportunity to express how you truly felt. Things that seemed a bit amiss will all fall back right on track.


Communication will be highlighted in the Year 2014! You are willing to talk and express how you really feel, Sagittarius. Nothing holds you back, which is a good thing. Remedial studies, neighbourhood activities, travels about town and brief communications, especially with siblings or peers, are going to be emphasized during this period. You must be prepared to adapt...and adapt you will. Is there anyone better equipped to handle changes as wonderfully as you? April brings certain intense situations your way that will have you revisiting and rebuilding certain foundations of professional and personal life. At this stage, most opportune moments will present themselves for quite a few of you where you will be able to grasp certain karmic lessons of intensity, control, and struggles for dominance. Penetrate to the essence of the situation and trust your instincts being completely honest with yourself. June is the time to expect the unexpected. Things are subject to sudden fluctuation and you may feel like you are so ready to take a risk and just blow off conventional wisdom or prescribed ways of doing things. All this changes as the months wear off before the last month of the year. Imagination, affection, music, arts- all these will be on the rise in 2014!


The Year 2014 will turn out to be a good year for you with some surprises being revealed on the personal front. You will see relationships change for the better. However, beware of saying things that could be misinterpreted. In fact, it is best to keep your opinions to yourself during this period. Go over all documents signed by others with a fine-toothed comb. A good time to study alone and review all plans in formation, too. Mid year, if you are involved in a creative project, this is your kind of time. If you are involved in sales or marketing, anticipate a nice bonus that pays better than anticipated. Keep yourself focused and totally in-charge. Mercury will go into retrograde mode on June 7-30. Do not fret, this does not mean you are not going to achieve what you set out to. It`s just that you would need to work smart and more ingeniously, that`s all. Retrograde phases are good for planning and not for implementing. The last leg of the year is going to be totally outstanding and you are likely to achieve your personal and professional best at this time. You easily move from idealistic theories to practical applications. You are flexible in your thought process and not offended by criticism. Anything remotely negative just rolls off your back.


2014 will see your inbuilt communication skills coming to your rescue in many tricky situations. January itself will bring many revelations your way which will add a new ray of hope into your life. This year is about growth, in your personal as well as professional sphere. Your warm and affable nature will help you win people over which in turn, makes things very easy for you. There might be an unexpected turn in events, sometime in June, for which you must be prepared well in advance. Do not be wary of change for everything new that happens in your life this year will only serve to make things better. This year will see you much more confident and raring to go after your goals, thanks to the strength of the Moon. Venus keeps your personal life stable for most of the year, except a brief spell in November or December when misunderstandings or disagreements may be on the rise. Deal with the situation as you know best and everything will be fine. Do not be surprised if you see some of your innermost dreams coming true this year.


The year 2014 bears testimony to new and excellent opportunities that will give a new lease of life to different aspects of your life like career, finances, love and relationships. Personally, you will mend relationships and also see increased harmony at home. On the professional front, things will be on an upswing, especially in the months of February and March. Saturn`s positive influence will also bring an end to any ongoing professional problems. Students will enjoy a brilliant period in the months of May and June as you do exceptionally well in your studies. Finances will be satisfactory as long as you are clear about the limitations of your budget, especially in the month of October. Uranus moving into direct mode will bring stability into your life. The ups and downs of life will not affect you deeply during this phase. Personal relationships will be your main focus with your life revolving around family. Keep your goals in sight at all times and do not allow your inner fears to hold you back. The Year 2014 will bring you all that you can ever hope for and more!