2015 Ford Mustang Dropped on a Set of Vossen Wheels

Jeff Perez

If you haven’t already noticed, the new Mustang is sort of a big deal. We like it, for the most part. There’s one thing though that we can’t wait to see on the new Mustang, and that is the plethora of aftermarket equipment that will likely be offered in the near future.

With its focus on improved driving dynamics and performance, the new Mustang is a tuner’s wet dream, and it’s only a matter of time before we see it wheels-up in someone’s shop. But for now, we can digitally dream of what Ford’s latest pony car will look like. Here it is rocking some Vossen Wheels, courtesy of M-GEET, in concept form of course.

Vossen Mustang copy

Aside from the new blue paint job and black Shelby-esque striping, the Mustang sits on a set of Vossen CV3s. It’s pretty, it’s really pretty. We just can’t wait to see a setup like this in person. Until then, we’ll just keep drooling over this.

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