5 Secrets of Marriages that Last a Lifetime

We all have heard that marriages are made in heaven, but of course, making them work is left on us. In a world, where relationships are getting weaker day by day, and the institution of marriage is no longer that "holy", marriages that last a lifetime should definitely be applauded. More importantly, there is a lot that one can learn from them. Here are a few lessons to help you make your marriage a long-lasting love affair.
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Having tolerance and understanding

A couple should have a high tolerance level towards each other to make their marriage last. These days, we often lose our patience and temper at the drop of a hat. But, when it comes to relationships, you need to maintain a high tolerance level. Also, strong understanding, compassion and sacrifice by both, the husband and the wife, is necessary to keep the bond intact and everlasting.

Forgiveness is the key

Every relationship has got its own share of ups and downs. Everybody makes mistakes. It is necessary that for the relationship to last, the couple should forgive each other for such mistakes. One must have the ability to forgive their partner, and sort out these issues by talking it out clearly with each other. The guilty one should also not hesitate in saying sorry.

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Planning for holidays

Spending quality time together is a must in making the bond stronger. Going out on holidays, and having fun together, helps in building a connection and camaraderie between the partners. Even in today’s busy world, a couple should always take out some time to be together. Give your beautiful relationship enough time to bond well with each other.

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Getting intimate

Intimacy is the key to love. It is necessary to have an emotional and physical connection, to make your marriage a happy one. Apart from physical relationship, intimacy in day to day life is also required. A gentle touch or a warm hug from your partner can easily dissolve stress, and help you to lead a healthy life as well.

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Surprise elements must be present

Monotony is the killer of relationships. An urge to give your spouse a pleasant surprise should not be curbed, as it is always helpful in keeping fun and spontaneity alive. It helps break the dull routine of the married life, and also gives the couple something to look forward to.

So, there you have it! We have done our bit, and revealed the secrets that make your marriage last a lifetime. Now, you have to make sure that you add these to your marriage, without further ado!