5 Ways to Rock as a Couple This Diwali

Rituparna Roy Deshpande, Team iDiva


5 Ways to Rock as a Couple This Diwali

Brighten up your relationship this Diwali by being a rocking couple

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It is that time of the year again when festivities take centre stage in everyone's lives. The festive mood can literally give you a high with lots of shopping, festive home makeovers and loads of parties. Diwali is also the perfect time to bond with those special people in your life, including that one man who means the world to you. This Diwali, brighten up your relationship by planning the festivities as a couple. Here’s how you can rock as a couple this festive season.

Create personalised gifts: This weekend, ditch the mall and spend some time indoors creating some beautiful DIY gifts for your friends and family. Instead of investing in expensive run-of-the-mill gifts, come up with personalised items with some help from your partner. Just by spending time brainstorming for Diwali gift ideas together, you will realise that your relationship has reached a level you’ve been long wanting to achieve.

Throw a house party: A house party during Diwali is a great idea. So, if the two of you have been wanting to throw one for the longest time, then this is the perfect chance. Delegate specific tasks to each other; for instance you can draw up the food menu while he can look after the guest list. You will notice that working as a couple makes the entire process a breeze! 

Do up the house together: Add that special touch to your space by decorating the home together. Go shopping for glittery decorations such as colourful diyas, traditional lanterns, festive home accessories and more this Diwali. But don’t forget to de-clutter the space and clean it up before bringing these in. Usher in the festivities by introducing the festive mood, starting with your home. 

Revamp your wardrobe
: Diwali is not complete till you gave your wardrobe that much-needed revamp. This festive season, we say take the extra effort to look good as a couple. Keep the romance alive by showing off the great chemistry you two share by simply dressing to the nines. The recipe to being a rocking couple is easy, isn’t it?

Invest as a couple
: The five-day long festival of lights is an annual phenomenon, and a time most couples look forward to make big investment decisions. It can be anything – buying a house, car or even gold – Diwali is seen as an auspicious occasion by many. Small or big, here’s your chance to make a joint financial decision.

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