6 Smart Steps to Avoid Food Wastage in Weddings

As the wedding season is approaching, you will be busy looking for ways to make your wedding the talk of the town. In every Indian wedding, food is the most important part, and the most wasted too! In India, statistics related to food wastage at weddings have been quite shocking, given the fact that it is the same country where countless number of people have to survive without the basic necessity of two meals a day. So, as you make preparations for your beautiful and lavish wedding, spare a thought to how you can avoid wasting tons of food on your big day! Here are some pointers to help you out.
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Menu Mania

Guests come to a wedding to shower their blessings on the happy couple. They are not there to dine out or explore a food tasting event. Now, this doesn’t mean you keep the menu limited, but also doesn’t imply that it has to be very elaborate. Choose the appetisers and main course keeping in mind vegetarian and non-vegetarian quantities. Too many dishes of similar flavours can lead to disappointment amongst the guests and also cause wastage of food. So, prepare your menu keeping this in mind.

RSVP Please!

A norm abroad but ignored in India, RSVP is a must! Please tell your guests to confirm their presence in advance. Of course, last minute cancelations and additions are obvious, but at least it gives an approximate idea of people who are going to be attending the event. Pass on the exact number to the caterer or wedding planner, asking them to keep a slight buffer as well.

Soothe taste buds

Plan the menu in a way that it doesn’t show off too many exotic dishes because Indian palate is not really open to experimenting much at once. Thus, leading to wasteage of food. Putting obvious choices like dal makhni, butter chicken along with a few rare dishes can do the trick. Do not think that you need an elaborate menu to satisfy or please your guests, but the food presentation and other details are what make the experience worthwhile.

Hello Kids!

Make sure you keep a little kids-friendly menu and a server to help them with their servings. Kids often end up putting a lot of food without the supervision of their parents and then dump it in the bin. Keeping a check on this will help you to keep an watchful eye on the food wastage in your wedding.

Smart Staff

Have servers behind the wedding buffet to help guests with correct sized portions. People move around in a hurry and don’t concentrate on how much exactly they are putting on their plates. So, having servers to assist them to avoid wastage is a trend worth a try. The guests can always come back for a second round in case they really like something a lot.

Use the Leftover

This is one of the best ways to avoid food wastage. Tying up with an NGO to supply the leftover food while maintaining proper hygiene standards is something you can tell the caterer to do for you or approach one on your own. By doing so you can keep as lavish a buffet as you want, and still take care of the wastage of extra food!


So, use these simple tips and avoid wastage of food at your lavish wedding. Do think about these when you are preparing the menu of your wedding!