6 Smart Ways to Avoid Family Fights at Your Wedding

Weddings are a very joyous occasion. They are a combination of various emotions like happiness, excitement, anticipation, and joy. But, many a times, it can be a reason for tension and sadness too. However hard you may try, some or the other havoc will be created by some family member (or members), as if the stress of the wedding and its functions was not enough for you and your parents to handle. Well, fret not! Where there is a problem, there is a solution too. So, here are some simple yet effective ideas that would help you to avoid such stressful situation at your wedding.
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Keep the troublemakers apart

In every family, there will always be two people who would not see eye to eye. When they meet, clashes of interests and differences in opinions are bound to cause some tensions and even fights. Keeping them apart by engaging them in different tasks will help you in this situation. Take help from cousins and other family members in this endeavour. It is best to keep such people involved in as different activities as possible to keep them away from each other and to avoid the clashes.

Be firm while solving issues

However hard you may try to keep the troubles away, there will arise some or the other issue which might lead to an argument. While handling such situation, be firm and strict. If you want to give someone instructions, do so without hesitation. Do not get blackmailed by elder members of the family. It is your wedding and you have to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible, even if that means getting into the bad books of certain troublemakers. It is your D-day, so your wish prevails!

Handle money matter yourself

The cause for most fights in any scenario, let alone at weddings is ‘money’ and matters related to it. Try to keep all money related decisions in either your hand or your parents'. Best is, keep the money matters between your would-be and yourself only. Do not let other relatives have a say in these matters. Also, try your best to fund your wedding yourself and avoid borrowing money from family members.

Keep the troublemakers busy

It is rightly said, ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’! Try your best to keep each and every member of the family involved in the wedding work. Keeping them busy will avoid unnecessary fights and misunderstandings and also keep all members happy for showing their participation.

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Avoid inviting troublemakers

While making the guest list for the wedding, be alert and cautious as to whom you include in the list. If you feel that a person or a few people are surely going to cause trouble, if possible, try to exclude them from the wedding. Give a lame excuse later if you have to but at least you will be sure that no unnecessary trouble will be caused.

Being diplomatic helps

We did tell you to be firm, but there are times when diplomacy can be your best weapon to handle troublemakers. Try to keep everyone in high spirits and make them believe how important they are for the wedding. This might help to keep their behaviour under check.


Every member of the family should be allowed to give their suggestions and opinions, but not allowed to spoil your day. So, follow these smart tips and enjoy your wedding to the fullest!