7 Sizzling Bollywood Divas who Married in their 30s

In our country, it is often not the woman or the law that decides her right age for marriage. It is their family, their relatives and the society at large that takes this decision for them. And, add to that any number beyond 30 and a woman gets the tag of being either ‘loose’, ‘feminist’ or ‘damaged goods’. Well, to a nation obsessed with Bollywood and movie stars, we present a list of top Bollywood divas who didn't say 'yes' to marriage until they reached their 30s. Having decided to put the idea off for years they finally made their way down the aisle all the more mature and prepared for the life ahead! So, meet these lovely ladies.
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Aishwarya Rai

When she made her relationship official, neither her own age nor the age gap between her and Abhishek made a difference. The light-eyed beauty was 34 when she married Abhishek Bachchan, two years her junior. The power couple started their marital journey on April 20, 2007. Their wedding generated huge media frenzy.

Being at the peak of a highly successful career, she put off the idea of wedlock for years. But the stunner finally gave her heart to the son of India's biggest movie icon, Amitabh Bachchan. And, she is currently busy playing the role of a perfect wife, daughter-in-law and doting mommy!

Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood is totally smitten with her and so is our Chotte Nawab, with whom Kareena tied the knot. After five years of courtship, and a lot of media speculations and hullabaloo her relationship with Saif finally culminated into marriage on October 16, 2012. Their five-day wedding celebrations turned out to be an extravaganza to remember for the tinsel town obsessed country. Though every Bollywood wedding is special, this one stood out because of the family names involved in it.

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Vidya Balan

This National Award winning actress who loves to play over-the-top characters jumped the broom in December 2012. Vidya Balan who is a Tamilian got married to Punjabi, Siddharth Roy Kapur, UTV head honcho. It was a fabulous interfaith wedding with a mix of South Indian and Punjabi rituals. It was until 30s that the work and career preoccupied her more than anything else. But since marriage is not a barrier for her career, she has given into it with complete faith and dedication.

Lara Dutta

Who says you can't have it all in your thirties? First it was love, then marriage and then welcoming a beautiful daughter Saira. The dusky beauty, Lara, was 33 when she got hitched to tennis star Mahesh Bhupati, first Indian to win a Grand Slam in 1997. It began with a registered marriage in Mumbai, followed by the sangeet and the luxurious wedding in Goa with a Victorian set up. Love can strike at any age, any time, so what is the harm in waiting for the right one to come along!

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Shilpa Shetty

Another stunning diva who has proved that it is never too late to find your 'happily ever after' is Shilpa Shetty. She also waited till her thirties to take the plunge. She tied knot with Raj Kundra. They met in London during the launch preparations of the actress's perfume, S2 and the fragrance of love started spreading from there on.

After giving lots of hits in Bollywood, going through certain heartbreaks and winning British reality show, Big Brother, Shilpa said ‘yes’ to marriage at the age of 34, with more maturity and stability. The couple tied the knot in 2009, and is now proud parents of a son.

Madhuri Dixit

It is ironical that a woman who made the entire country fall in love, opted for an arranged marriage herself. She stole the heart of a cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Sriram Nene and left her career and country to be with her man in the US. At the age of 32 she tied the knot in a small ceremony and proved that you can still find Mr. Right even after your 30th birthday. The dhak dhak girl is back to the tinsel town, busy proving everyone that she belongs in Bollywood always.

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The yesteryear bombshell was also ahead of her time when it came to marriage. Boney Kapoor was attracted towards the then empress of Bollywood when he saw her in Solva Saawan in1979. It was a 'dream come true' for him when she acted in his production venture Mr. India. She ruled the roost in the industry in 90s and Mr. Kapoor’s heart for 13 years before saying 'yes' for marriage. At 33, she decided to enjoy a blessed wedding.


We hope just like them every Indian woman gets a chance to chose her age of marriage (and partner as well) with complete freedom and respect!