8 Warm and Delicious Appetizers for a Winter Wedding


Food is one of the most important components of an Indian wedding. If your food is not up to the mark, you are going to hear about it for a long time to come. That is why; you should decide your menu at least a month in advance. Appetizers are often very important in a wedding. Your guests can enjoy them till the main course is served and you should never run out of them. Another cardinal rule is that during a winter wedding, your appetizers should be piping hot. Let’s look at a few of the crowd pleasers during winters:
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Assorted pakoras

Set up a live pakora stand where the chef prepares yummy mirchi, aloo, pyaz and cheese pakoras. Ask caterers to keep chutneys and dips alongside, so that your guests can help themselves.


A soft maida roti filled with a spicy vegetable or minced meat mixture, some cheese and hot sauce; this is definitely one of the most popular street snacks. You can serve a miniature version of it at your wedding.

Khasta Kachori

Khasta kachori both sweet and savoury are everyone’s favourite. Have a little DIY (do it yourself) stand where your guests can assemble their favourite chaat or dessert. Keep rabdi, sugar syrup and mawa handy for the meetha kachori and chopped onions, masala and chutneys for the savoury one.

Bhutta with butter

Let nostalgia set in as your guests enjoy hot corn on cobs, which is rubbed with assorted spices, butter and a dash of lemon juice.

Soup shots

Serve your guests something healthy and warm. Instead of serving soups in bowls, ask your caterer to serve them in shot glasses. This way, your guests will be able to sample different varieties you have chosen to serve them. Along with the shots, keep some cream, fried bread sticks and noodles to go with your soups.

Mini parathas

The best way to enjoy a winter morning is to eat aloo parathas with butter and the best way to enjoy a winter wedding is to serve a platter of mini paranthas with raita, butter and pickle. Ask your caterers to create bite sized versions of assorted parathas and let your guests savour them in the cold.


You can never go wrong with kebabs in an Indian wedding. Set up a barbecue stand where your guests can choose the kebab they want. The chef can then prepare it front of them, season it according to their taste and serve it with a side of chutney or salad.

Finger chips with a dip

Chilli fries, cheesy fries, the good old finger chips or nachos can make anybody’s mouth water. Serve them in small cups along with salsa, jalapeno and mayonnaise dips.