Aahana Kumra: Naseeruddin doesn't come with a baggage and has no airs about himself

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Aahana Kumra: Naseeruddin doesn't come with a baggage and has no airs about himself

By Rachana Sheth, Glamsham Editorial

Besides Naseeruddin Shah upcoming film SONA SPA also has other essential characters which form an important part of the film. One such actor is Aahana Kumra, who makes her big screen debut with SONA SPA, directed by Makarand Deshpande. She may be new to films but she is certainly not new to acting as she comes from theatre background.

Aahana plays the role of Ritu, a sleep worker, who wants to sleep for her sister who is not able to sleep remembering the tragedy in which they lost their mother and brother.

Aahana describes her character in the film, "I play the role of Ritu, a girl from Pune, who has seen hardships and does not belong from a well to do family. Her sister suffers from sleep disorder and Ritu wants to sleep on her behalf. So she enrolls herself to SONA SPA, where sleep workers sleep for their clients and in turn access to their dreams. My character Ritu is basically a very practical ordinary person, who is realistic and grounded."

But poke her about playing a 'sleep worker' and she barges in, "...They are not doing any illegal activity. The sleep workers are not here to do any illegal work." Aahana says, "SONA SPA is a new-age concept film which will enthrall audiences."

SONA SPA is inspired from the Hindi Play of the same name, which was again written and directed by Makarand Deshpande. In fact she starred in the original play. So ask Aahana about her celluloid experience and she says, "It was more like reunion for us! When it came to developing into a movie, we did long-hour rehearsals. There were many alterations made for SONA SPA, the film. Enough cinematic liberty was taken." When we compared the two mediums - Films and Stage, Aahana added, "Both the mediums are different and fun to work with in their respective sense. Now that we have done this film all I can say is the Play was our 'playground' to get thing right on big-screen. Films are more relaxing as compared to performing on stage. A Play cannot stop in between. There are no takes. Everything goes in one flow. Whereas, in films there is room for improvisation. And Makarand used to go for enough takes to perfect it. I am very thrilled and glad that the Play was converted into a film and within a year it was completed."

Now that she has stepped in glitzy industry, ask Aahana about her Theatre plans and she says, "I will very much continue doing plays. An actor has no liberty to say NO to work. An actor should always be greedy. I am part of three Plays - two of which are directed by Naseeruddin Shah and one by Makarand."

SONA SPA is not the first film Aahana where will be sharing screen space with the legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah. The two actors have worked together in the film called THE BLUEBERRY HUNT, which is not yet released. Aahana reveals, "I have shared screen space earlier with Naseerji in the film THE BLUEBERRY HUNT. The only thing is the film is not yet released." Aahana is all praise for the veteran actor, "Naseer is a like a GOD of acting. He is great actor and has no

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