ABCD and the chronicle of dance based films down the ages editorial
ABCD and the chronicle of dance based films down the ages

By Enkayaar, Glamsham Editorial

From the times Michael Jackson gave dreams to those who are living at the fringe of the society, to use dance as the medium and the channel vehicle to gain a foothold in the society and enhance the economic status, dance theme based films have been an integral part of the world of Hindi cinema. ABCD which is releasing today is one more addition to this oeuvre, and the difference lays perhaps in the fact that it brings together on platform two famous choreographers, Remo D Souza and Prabhu Deva, Remo D Souza being the director of the film, while Prabhu Deva plays an integral part in ABCD.

Dance indeed is a catalyst that binds the youth and is a creative process of channelizing the nervous energy that the youth is endowed with and ABCD has used this aspect which sure is going to appeal to the audience, especially the Youngistan. Lots of media built up for the film has been created through various television based programmes and on the eve of the release of ABCD here is a look at the dance based films of the past which made their mark with the fans :

ROCKY: Sanjay Dutt's debut film with the song- 'Aa Dekhein zara', set to the score by Pancham still is one of the songs that is favoring one in any dance based programmes, and it had given the wings to imagination for dance based themes, dance here means western style of dance.

HUM KISI SE KUM NAHIN: But if one were to really say with conviction that this indeed was the first film that was based on dance themes, few would debate about HUM KISI SE KUM NAHIN, as this film had everything that a fan of dance and song could aspire to, and Pancham was at his creative best.

ILZAAM: This was a film with a twist where dance performances were used for distracting the fans to soak in the ambience while other members of the dance troupe undertook theft. ILZAAM catapulted Govinda as a dancing star into the heart of fans and he thrived on this capability for more than a decade and a half.

DISCO DANCER: The really first film in the world of Hindi cinema which used the core theme of western dance as the subject matter and it was the first film which extensively relied on western instruments to create visual and audio impact, and Mithun Chakraborty became a dancing star, and he followed it up with DANCE DANCE.

KASAM PAIDA KARNE WALE KI: The outreach and impact of dance to carve a niche in the hearts of the fans became manifest when Smita Patil of all the actresses decided to be a part of the dance based film, along with Mithun Chakraborty and Salma Agha and it also became a hit.

DIL TO PAGAL HAI: Even a YRF film, which otherwise was a saga of romance whose tapestry was woven around locations and innovative sounds, made DTPH in sync with the demands of the times, and went indoors to create the magic and it again is one of the best dance based films of the modern times.

One only hopes that ABCD would be counted henceforth in the list of iconic films which would drool the fans of modern dance for all times to come.

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