Acura NSX Utilizing Hybrid Twin-Turbo V6

Jeff Perez

Nissan GT-R, eat your heart out. Honda’s supercar killer is back on track and ready for a debut sometime within the next year. But that’s not before Acura teased us with some details regarding the powertrain.

According to Automotive News, Acura is putting to use a twin-turbocharged hybrid V6 in its new NSX supercar. Displacement is said to be somewhere in the 3.5-liter mark, if not lower. This new engine will be mounted on Acura’s Sport Hybrid-All Wheel Drive system with three front-wheel electric motors integrated into the system.


All this hybrid power will be handled via a dual-clutch transmission, with likely 7- or 8-speeds. The new NSX will be built in the US at the automaker’s Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio before it goes on sale near the end of next year.

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