Adele nicknames son 'Little Peanut'

London, Jan 22 (ANI): Adele's newborn could be joining the ranks of bizarre celebrity baby names, as the Grammy award-winning singer, who gave birth in October, has admitted that she has given her young son the affectionate nickname, "Little Peanut".

Speaking at the Golden Globes last week, the 24-year old admitted that she still didn't want the world to know the name of her first born.

She said that it's too personal and intimate, and was not ready.

But the British-born star did feel forthcoming enough to tell People magazine the nickname that she's given the little man, the Daily Mail reported.

"I just call him Little Peanut," she said.

She's been spotted out and about in Hollywood with her little one wrapped in a tight bundle, clearly preoccupied with keeping his identity as private as possible. (ANI)