Amitabh Bachchan boogies 'Party' track with Yo Yo Honey Singh for BHOOTHNATH RETURNS editorial

By Ajit Ramachanddran, Glamsham Editorial

Yooooo hooooo... one formidable 'ghost' has turned rocking! And he's shaking with a leg with Yo Yo Honey Singh, no less!! And the number is called 'Come Party With the Bhoothnath.... Relax man!'

Earlier, Bachchan Senior had confessed to having the heebie-jeebies over doing the jiggie-wiggie with the rapper boy for a track that the duo was to groove to for BHOOTHNATH RETURNS.

And once the number was canned.... Amitabh Bachchan wasted little time in posting some fab images of it on his blog.

Clad in a sweat shirt and cargo pants, sporting glares, a gold chain and fancy boots with golden buckles, this is one spook that kiddies and adults will really take a shine too...

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