Ang Lee cannot be bracketed, says Irrfan Khan editorial
Glamsham16 November 2012
Ang Lee cannot be bracketed, says Irrfan Khan

By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

LIFE OF PI releases in a week from now and Irrfan Khan, the lead protagonist in the film, continues to savour and cherish his association with director Ang Lee.

"What really stands out for Ang Lee is the fact that he cannot be put into any bracket," says Irrfan, "He has made so many diverse films and brought so much difference in their treatment that when you watch them on screen, you cannot find out where he belongs to. That's the kind of filmmaking he is known for. Also, essentially each of his films is a human story. Look at his repertoire; he has made HULK, CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN to name a few; how do you put a tag on him?"

No wonder, Irrfan feels enriched as a person as well after spending a few months with him during the making of LIFE OF PI

"He is a soft spoken personality with no ego hassles whatsoever," Irrfan adds, "What also works for him is that he has taken out unnecessary distractions from his personality and doesn't feel burdened by anything whatsoever. That makes him a great individual as well other than being a superb filmmaker. That's a combinational lethal enough to command an all-around respect, something that he gets in ample."

Now one waits to see the kind of respect that his work gathers, as well once LIFE OF PI, with Suraj Sharma (playing Pi), Tabu and Adil Hussain in principal roles, releases on 21st November.

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