Anti-Ageing Make-Up Essentials


Our skin tends to become drier and prone to wrinkles post 35. Here are some must haves to make you look your best.

Anti-Ageing Primer Make sure you moisturise with creams and serums rich with retinols, anti-oxidants and peptides to reduce fine lines. Use an anti-ageing primer with SPF for a smoother finish. It requires little blending, makes for effortless make-up application and also protects your skin.

Moisturising, SPF-Based Foundation An anti-ageing foundation (water-based foundations are lighter than oil-based) with a high moisturising content and SPF is essential for a good skin tone and texture. Don't use too much powder as it tends to settle in the creases of your skin, emphasising fine lines. Concealer Find a concealer that works for you and use it to cover pigmentation and dark circles. But use it sparingly, only where you need it.

The best way to apply is to gently drive the product in by patting it into the skin. Pat the concealer with your finger until it blends in smoothly. Lip Primer with SPF For your lips, use an antiageing lip primer or balm with SPF 15 before applying a lipstick. Creamy Blush Pick soft, creamy colours for your cheeks. Use a fluffy powder brush and tap it before using. If you don't apply it right, your make-up can look heavy. Avoid frosty products and heavy shimmer-they'll just highlight any imperfections you may have. Use lighter eye shadows and steer clear of excessive glitter.