Anurag Basu To Make A Film On Delhi Gang Rape Case?

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Anurag Basu To Make A Film On Delhi Gang Rape Case?

Anurag Basu, who touched many hearts, with his last release Barfi!, may come up with a film based on the Delhi gang rape case. The talented director has stated that he has written a story on the incident, but is not sure whether he will make a film on it or not.


At a recent event when he was asked to comment on the rape case, Basu said, "This incident has triggered a lot of emotions in every filmmaker, painter and writer. I think everybody is doing something on it and you will see all of it coming out soon, people are making paintings, they are writing... I also took out my anger in the form of a story but when and where will it be made I don’t know but this is our way to take out our anger."


When asked again if he’ll make a movie based on the incident or not he stated, "I can’t say whether I’ll make a film on it or not. When I hear about such incidents, I get affected and immediately I write a story on it. Barfi! too was a two page story, initially. After a year or two you come back and see your stories and if something works out then a film is made. I feel when I vent out my anger on the paper, by writing a story, I feel lighter."



The filmmaker's last release Barfi! was India’s official entry to the 85th Academy Awards, however it failed to make the cut.