Are facials really good for your skin?

Divas of Glam

Let's face it, everything is not as it seems. Here's debunking 5 most common myths on facials to help you know that there's more to the picture than you can actually see. Was it really worth your money or did it go down the drain.

Myth 1-Facials tighten pores

There is nothing in the world that can tighten pores, NOTHING, though slapping some items on your face can give the appearance of smaller pores. Applying a mixture of egg whites on the face seems to have the effect of smaller pores, but sadly it is a temporary fix too. Though folks involved in the facial business will be fuming, the truth is that though some facials do work wonders for the skin, most of them do not and just offer short term effects.

Myths 2 -Facials are the secret to younger looking skin

Facials and younger looking skin, no way, unless you are talking about the advanced chemical peels and galvanic facials (which employ electrical stimulations) there is no link between facials and younger looking skin. Although they do help to slough off dead cells, but that does not mean that they make you look younger. Leaving the glycolic peels and chemical facials aside, most beauty experts will bet their bottom dollar that most facials just give the temporary feeling of goodness and nothing.

Myth 3-Facials make your skin glow

Now, there's some truth to it. Facials do make your skin glow but again, only temporarily. Facials cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate your skin giving you the glow that will stay with you for about 3 or 4 days at the most.

Myth 4 -They have no side effects

If you are a big fan of facials you wouldn't want to read this. Getting a facial very often might scar your face. Shocked? (Perhaps, this is why they say that the truth is always bitter!) If you give yourself in the hands of an untrained esthetician you might have to hurry to a dermatologist. Women with sensitive skin may be prone to breakouts and getting a facial done by an untrained esthetician might leave you with bruised and scarred skin. So, always make sure that whoever takes the charge of running their fingers on your face knows how it's done. Only a well trained esthetician should be trusted.

Myth 5-You need to go to a spa for the perfect facial

For the perfect facial you do not need to expend a lot of money. You can get almost the same results in the comfort of your home. However, for the advanced facials you would need to pay a visit to a good spa and shell out some money.

Most spas make tall claims that there facials can give you glow and make up stuff like this, but in this age of instant gratification it would be wise to weigh all pros and cons and then take the final plunge. Moreover, most spas do not cater exclusively to your skin's needs and are all the same. But if you are able to find a spa that takes into account what type of skin you have and the level of your skin's sensitivity then be assured you've bagged a great deal.