Asin - Another 'Bachchan' in BOL BACHCHAN editorial
Asin - Another 'Bachchan' in BOL BACHCHAN

By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

With BOL BACHCHAN boasting of a heavyweight surname in its title and has it's plot centered on Abhishek Bachchan trying to con Ajay Devgn, one wonders the kind of part that leading ladies (Asin, Prachi Desai) play in the film.

"Actually, the word Bachchan has nothing much to do with Abhishek's surname in real life," informs a source, "BOL BACHCHAN is the kind of slang which is used to describe someone who is all talk but no action; someone who is forever into tall tales and keeps making stories without any reality or base to them. Yes, one of the characters played by Abhishek is called Bachchan but then even Asin plays a Bachchan in the film. She is called Sania Bachchan. How exactly that fits in is something that you would get to see when you watch the film."

Meanwhile Asin is paired opposite Ajay in the film and those who have had a dekko at the film insist that she has a definite part to play as well. Now, this seems like quite a digression from the original GOLMAAL where Utpal Dutt didn't really boast of a romantic interest.

"See, only the basic germ of the GOLMAAL idea has been taken for BOL BACHCHAN and post that the entire film has been re-written," says Asin, "Yes, you are right, the character that I play in the film wasn't really there in the original. More than this I can't say much except for reiterating the fact that the entire background of all the characters have been changed in BOL BACHCHAN."

We would know that as well once the film releases all over this Friday.

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