Ask Your Wedding Videographer these 12 Questions

Indian weddings, elaborate as they are, embrace a potpourri of rituals and ceremonies. There can be no better way to capture these special moments than to catch them live in videos. From the sangeet ceremony and mehendi ki raat to the saat pheras and the grand reception, the vibrancy of the rituals and celebrations have to be captured. What nostalgia it would be to relive every moment of your wedding, years down the line. However, considering the perfection with which you would wish to catch the precious moments, here are some questions you require asking your videographer.
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One of the first things to ask your videographer is how many years of experience in wedding videography does she/he have to his credit. An experienced videographer with the right expertise will be more proficient in understanding the nuances related to a wedding. Plus they would be able to catch every subtle moment in the perfect harmony. So, do ask your videographers about their experience in covering weddings before finalising one.

Check references

Either chose a videographer whose work you have seen before either at a friend or relatives wedding. Getting references from those who have experienced the videographers work firsthand is a great way to start your search. If you are approaching someone whose work you have never seen then do take a look at their videos and their show reel. Also check their social networking pages and get in touch with those couples whose wedding that particular videographer may have covered.

Advance payment

Also asking about the advance payment to be made and when to pay the remaining balance is important. All this would save you from getting involved in an post-wedding hassles with the bills. Almost every wedding vendor seek some advance payments before the ceremonies begin, so be clear about these things.

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Ask your videographer about the total cost of the shooting and what all will be included in the package such as number of hours, DVDs provided, etc. There are many things that you might assume is included in the package, while it might not be so. Also, talking about costs upfront would save you from the shock of paying for extra equipments and assistants that were used while covering your wedding.

Style of videography

Is his/her style of videography cinematic or documentary? With latest technological advancements you can even give your wedding video a feel of being a scene from a film as well or that of a reality show. Yes, the videographer can cover your wedding in such a style that would show your wedding like a scene from 'Hum Aapke Hain Koun' or 'Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani'. You can even ask for a fine fusion of both. So, what do you want your wedding video to look like?

Special effects

Ask your videographer if he/she uses special effects such as sepia, animation, black and white as well as other related things. Ask your videographer if he/she would be able to incorporate your love story along with the wedding footage as well. You should know these things as you don't want any unnecesary effects in places where you would not want any.

Type of cameras

Checking out into the type of camera that will be used is also imperative. If your videographer is a veteran in the field, he will be using cameras of highest resolution such as “3 Chip Digital” as well as microphones of high quality. You don't want to spend elaborately on hiring a videographer just to find out that they are using some low quality cameras to cover your wedding. So, inquiring about the quality of the footage that will be captured is important.

Familiarity with site

Is your videographer familiar with the site where your wedding or other ceremonies will take place? This would help your videographer to know if there are any requirements of equipments and lights at your ceremony venue.

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Use of Cameras

Enquire about the number of cameras that your videographer will be using to cover your wedding. If he decides to use two or more at a time, then chances are you have to shell out extra bucks to pay the assistance videographer as well. However, you will have the advantage of capturing every occasion from a number of angles simultaneously. But, you need to know all these extra details upfront before finalising the videographer. This would also save you from unnecessary surprises when you get the bill once the wedding is over.

Other appointments

Enquire into his schedule of appointments for your wedding day. You would obviously want him to be there for the most part of the ceremonies. This is important, especially during the peak wedding season. You don't want to book a videographer who already has another appointment for the same day, as this would also not gurantee his full participation at your function.


When can you expect the final delivery of the DVDs? You would not want to keep waiting for the videos to arrive several weeks after the wedding. Also, it is important to know till when will the videographer be retaining the original footage. This would save you from the unnecessary hassles of calling the videographer again and again to enquire for your videos.

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Finally ask about the contract, the liabilities, guarantees and cancellation policy, all of which should be in writing. Drawing up a contract is very important when it comes to dealing with any wedding vendor.