Australia’s HAL Developing 16-Cylinder, 1,200HP Hypercar

Jeff Perez

In an automotive sense, Australia acts as America’s cousin from Down Under. Hallmarks include monstrous V8′s, quarter-mile drag times and a take-no-s#!t sort of attitude. We love it.

In honor of the Aussie’s thirst for speed then, entrepreneur Paul Halstead has dreamed up a Bugatti-beating hypercar for the ages. Halstead- you may or may not remember- was the man behind the Alfa Romeo Giocattolo concept back in the late 80s. The Alfa was a mid-engined V8 Sprint Coupe, which was credited as a highly-advanced one-off supercar of its day.

Now, together with his team over at HAL, Paul plans on fitting his yet-to-be-named supercar with two (that’s right, two) race-bred, Corvette-sourced LS7 V8′s. Mounted at 45 degree angles and bolted together this absurd combination would make 1,200 raging ponies, sent to the wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

HAL Supercar 2
HAL Supercar 2

Inside, Halstead says the cockpit will sport a similar look to the iconic McLaren F1 with a central driving position, flanked by two passenger seats. All the while, a jet-fighter-style sliding canopy should ditch any need for doors.

As far as production goes, the team says they’re just having more fun than anything. HAL isn’t considering their monstrous supercar a serious business venture, but you can expect it on display in 2016 at the Detroit Autorama hot rod event.

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Via: Motor Authority