Badlapur Boys Movie Preview editorial

Karrm movies presents, BADLAPUR BOYS, an upcoming sports movie is set to release on December 12, 2014.

Produced by Karrm movies and directed by Shailesh Verma, BADLAPUR BOYS stars Shashank Udapurkar, Annu Kapoor, Anupam Maanav, Kishori Shahane, Aman Verma and Saranya Mohan in the lead roles.

The music of the movie is given by Sachin Gupta, Shamir Tandon and Raju Sardar while the lyrics are penned by Sameer Anjaan.


BADLAPUR BOYS is a poignant story of a child Vijay, who journeys through his life in a village, which is deprived of 'water' for irrigation for decades. The father of the child challenges the system with 'self-immolation,' if the village's basic need for water is not fulfilled. To set an example to the society, the father sets himself ablaze before the villagers and the media but as fate would have it, his sacrifice is forgotten and instead his family is affected. Vijay grows up with the dream that one day, he will come face to face with the bureaucracy with a simple request that his village 'Badlapur' needs the government's attention to solve their 'water' crisis.

Vijay is enormously passionate about 'Kabaddi' and this is clearly evident to his parents, friends and the villagers of 'Badlapur', and a time comes that his passion leads him to a dilemma, when he has to forcefully take an oath in front of 'Tulsi plant' that he will never play the game. But his passion for the game doesn't die, and he remains being an extra player in his village team and watches his friends play. For years, his village team has been losing every kabaddi match played in the village's soil due to lack of co-ordination, technique and knowledge. A time comes when he is being freed from the oath and proves his mettle in the game during an annual sports event held in his village fair. This is the time, when Vijay and his friends are being watched by an eminent National Kabaddi coach, whose lineage is from the village. Meanwhile, Vijay meets a girl, who happens to be visiting the village fair from the town and they both are acquainted. Both fall in love and at the end of the fair, the girl has to leave to her town, promising to meet him in the next annual fair. News reach the village that there is a prestigious kabaddi tournament being held in Allahabad. An Award and Prize money attracts the boys of Badlapur, but Vijay is only concerned with meeting the Chief Minister who will present the awards. His sole purpose becomes, to win the match and on receiving the award from the CM, Vijay aims to explain to him the impending crisis of his village. His dream becomes his father's dream but ironically fate takes a nasty twist once again, and Vijay loses his life in the game, falling victim to corruption and discrimination that prevailed in the administration of the sports. His team wins the coveted award and the coach who mentored the team throughout the sports event expresses the poor young man's views and his dreams to the Chief Minister, on receiving the best player trophy. Vijay's sacrifice gets proper attention of all. the dream of his father sees the light and the entire district with 42 villages get a dam.

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