BBC cuts 'Muslim and gay' question from show following security threats

London, Mar 15 (ANI): The makers of a BBC Three show have claimed that a discussion about being gay and Muslim was cut because of security concerns and not due to censorship.

Wednesday's edition of 'Free Speech' drew criticism on Twitter after the live show pulled a question asking "when will it be right to be Muslim and gay?"

Host Rick Edwards told the audience the debate would be postponed because of concerns expressed by the Birmingham mosque where the show was held, the BBC reported.

But the mosque said it was not aware the programme would discuss the topic.

The show ran a pre-recorded section featuring drag-queen Asifa Lahore speaking about his sexuality and posing his question to the Muslim community.

A statement from BBC Three's Free Speech, issued on Friday, said that the mosque received threats which gave them cause for concern to the security of their community.

As a result the production company, together with the BBC and the mosque, made a considered decision to postpone the debate. (ANI)