Beware of this fake Kajal Agarwal editorial
Beware of this fake Kajal Agarwal

Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial

If you are being acknowledged on all prominent festivals by Kajal Agarwal (of SINGHAM fame) or getting regular cricket updates on Twitter, don't start feeling over the moon already because here is a spoiler. The account is not driven by the real Kajal and the actress seems to be blissfully unaware about its existence even though it has been around for months now. Worse, it has a huge following and boasts of regular updates on an almost daily basis due to which the fans and followers have been truly led to believe that they have been interacting with the real Kajal.

"This account is run with a handle @KajalAgarwal and has as many as 60,000 followers already. Quite a few prominent celebrities too have been taken for a ride believing that this person is the real Kajal. Surprisingly, Kajal had no clue that such an account existed. Now that she has been informed about it, she is planning to take a strict action," informs a friend of the actress.

This is second such instance within last one week when a celebrity masquerading has happened on the micro blogging world. A few days back it was Chitrangada Singh who cried foul when someone opened a fake account on her name and started lambasting Poonam Pandey. By the time Chitrangada realised the mischief, the damage was done.

"Thankfully the person who is supposed to be Kajal hasn't gone into any maligning spree. Also, she/he has just changed the profile picture very recently to ensure that there is no trouble ahead," says a follower of the fake account.

However instead of waiting for a bigger damage, Kajal has decided to reach out to the appropriate authorities to stop any wrong word from spreading. Also, as things stand today, she doesn't have any immediate plans to create an account of her own.

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