Beyonce employs librarian to catalogue 50,000 hours of private home videos

London, Feb 1 (ANI): Beyonce has reportedly hired a librarian to catalogue the reams of intimate footage of herself that she has secretly been amassing for almost ten years.

The 31-year-old singer is getting up to 50,000 hours of intimate home videos stored in a digital archive in a temperature-controlled room so she can access moments from her life at the touch of a button, the Sun reported.

The air-conditioned chamber in Los Angeles also holds almost every photoshoot, interview and personal photo she's done since she shot to fame as part of 'Destiny's Child'.

An interviewer who saw the facility said that the chamber is modelled on the library of US TV network NBC and also revealed that the mother of one sometimes has herself recorded for up to 16 hours a day so she has almost every waking moment on tape.

Part of the footage has been used to make her new TV documentary, Life Is But A Dream, which will be screened in the US this month. (ANI)