Bugatti Planning Limited-Run Super-Veyron

George Kennedy
Bugatti Teases Legend Edition Veyron for Frankfurt

From the moment it descended upon the automotive world, the Bugatti Veyron was the pillar of vehicular engineering and achievement. From setting world speed records to the stupefying price, it is a hypercar of utter hyperbole. The Veyron has had a good run, and will have its place in the annals of automotive history, but not before going out with a bang. Reports suggest that Bugatti is working on a hyper-hypercar that would once again place it atop the supercar world.

Since the debut of the Veyron, the hypercar world has gotten a bit crowded, with the SSC Ultimate Aero and all manner of Pagani, McLaren and Koenigsegg. So, for the Veyron’s final act, Bugatti is said to be working on a vehicle with astronomical figures. 1500 horsepower, a top speed of 280 mph and a price of €5 million ($6,548,000), those are just some of the numbers being tossed around. The car would be 440 pounds lighter than the current version, and increase displacement of the W16 engine, along with added boost from the four turbos. The extremely limited production run would also feature more aggressive and dramatic aerodynamics.

While these are quite lofty figures, there was nothing like the figures put out by the original Veyron when it was first introduced. This model would once again place the Veyron atop the hypercar world.

Image source: Motorward