Charlie Sheen's kids 'taken away from mother Brooke Mueller's home'

Washington, May 04(ANI): Charlie Sheen's twin boys have reportedly been removed from their mother Brooke Mueller's home by officials, amid allegations that the kids were not safe.

Sources close to the situation told that officials from the LA County Department of Children and Family Services' arrived at Mueller's home with a warrant and took 4-year-old Bob and Max out of the house, on Thursday.

Sources said that the kids are now in the care of Denise Richards, who is the mother of Sheen's 2 young daughters.

Insiders also said that the officials determined Mueller's home was unsafe because they suspected she was using drugs again- which is something she's been struggling with for years- and they believed the children were in danger.

It was revealed to the publication that a court hearing has been set for next week in the hopes of finding a more permanent solution regarding where the children should live. (ANI)