Chris Brown admits to having sex on plane


London, Apr 3 (ANI): Chris Brown has revealed that he once had sex on a plane.

The hip hop star, who has been going to great efforts to improve his reputation by expressing how sorry he is for beating up Rihanna back in 2009, didn't do a great job of showing he's a stand up guy during an appearance on BET 106 on Monday.

C Breezy stopped by to chat with his rapper mate Bow Wow about the usual yawn-inducing stuff like his new album and music and other slightly surprising topics such as his painting for charity and work as an artist.

But the cheeky pair's good behaviour didn't last for long - Brown took over as host and quizzed best pal Bow Wow on the strangest place he's ever had sex, the Mirror reported.

Lots of fake shyness and laughter flew from the bodies of the pair in a possible bid to prove they are really good boys deep down but Bow soon revealed he'd slept with a girl on the back seat of a jeep.

Brown went one step further and revealed he's joined the mile high club and has had sex on a plane.

"I was on a commercial flight in first class. But it was one of them European first classes where you've got the big front so you can put the cover up so nobody won't see nothing," he said. (ANI)