Day 4 - Two days in Kodai, one for the road

Jay Kannaiyan
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Another beautiful day walking down all the memories from my childhood years spent in Kodaikanal. I connected with an old friend who's now a teacher at Kodai School and together we visited our elementary school dorm at Swedish House, on the way to the Kodai Golf Club. We recalled all sorts of memories, such as playing on a huge hill, which doesn't seem that big now and playing capture-the-flag in the woods behind that have been cut down now and the crazy, daily bus journey down and up from school.

It's amazing how vivid the memories are from this part of my life and being able to come back reinforces these strong, old memories. It's been good to connect with old alumni, staff, my dorm-parent, my PE teacher, some ayahs (maids) who still remember me, the carpenter with whom I spent hours building things with wood, some of the cooks from the dining hall and the nurses at The Dish (dispensary).

I gave a little talk on campus in the evening, just before the Kodai Athletic Club handed out the yearly sports awards. I didn't want to encourage the kids to quit their job later in life, but just to follow their passion, put the effort in and it'll pay off.

It's been a wonderful two days spent at Kodai and now I'm ready to hit the road again and cover some miles. I'll be heading to Tirunelveli, via Madurai.

Distance clocked today: 27 km
Total distance clocked: 624 kms

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