Dressing Tips to Seduce Your Partner According to their Sun Sign

Bollywoodshaadis.com22 January 2014

Every zodiac sign has a definite personality. Each sign has certain characters that govern their likes and dislikes. Interestingly, this also rules the kind of fashion one chooses and is attracted to. Knowing your partner’s sun sign can be extremely helpful if you are trying to attract their attention. Being aware of their choices in mind, depending on their sun sign, can come handy while ‘dressing to kill’. Here is how.
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Know your Man by His Sun Sign


Aries is the trendsetter. Ariens define style and are adventurous by nature and love bold and radiant clothing. Red colour impresses them, so try to add it to your look.

For the woman

The modern choice would be a knee length skirt with a well-fitting shirt. If you choose designer wear and stilettos, it is even better.

For the man

What usually works for an Aries woman is fitted trousers with light coloured shirts. They like it simple and to the point.


Being an Earth sign, a Taurus loves it simple and earthy. When it comes to dressing they search for plainness. Brown is their favourite, so try to use it to your advantage.

For the man

To impress your Taurean girl, dress up casually and try to repeat your pattern. Wear sweaters over your routine clothes. If you are out partying with her, do not try anything too provocative. Single colour suits can work wonders for you.

For the woman

Keep things formal, preferably in dark contrasts, if you are dating a Taurus guy. Taurus men are turned on by professional looking women. Try to avoid anything too trendy for the first few dates.


Dressing for a Gemini is fun and exciting. They are free flowing in nature and in their fashion sense as well. So, try to look energetic and enthusiastic.

For the man

There is no fixed dress code to attract a Gemini woman except dressing as per the situation. When in business, slip into your power suits and it will draw her attention. Choose your informal wear correctly to look equally tempting and mesmerising.

For the woman

Gemini males like a traditional touch in their partners dressing. Velvet, lace, net in traditional wear can make you look irresistible for a Gemini male and pave way for a pleasant turn of events. They particularly like yellow and orange shades on their woman.


Cancerians are home drawn and moody in nature. They like everything that is soothing. Blue is the colour of their choice.

For the man

Cancer women like to see their men dressed in silk and cotton fabrics in mild colour. Well-fitting clothes catch their attention too.

For the woman

Denims and cotton tees can make your man go crazy over you, but only if worn well. A deep blue outfit should keep his eyes fixated on you.

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Leos are attracted to vibrant and radiant colours. Being a Fire sign, they love to see some glitter and shimmer.

For the man

Dress bold and bright to impress your woman. Tight fitting clothes and fancy, shiny shoes is a sure hit. You can go with suits and silk ties for special occasions.

For the woman

When dating a Leo man your getup should ooze elegance. Try out trendy jewellery to definitely hold his eyes on you.

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Virgos are tidy people and have an obsession for neatness. Virgos are natural flirts and your dressing sense should give out subtle hints.

For the man

Bank on the colour white while trying your luck with a Virgo lady and use its sacredness to display sensuousness. Always clean up before meeting her, wear clean and ironed clothes and keep your shoes tidy.

For the woman

Virgo men are shy and they usually appreciate whatever you wear. In order to appeal to his emotional senses, wear dresses with pastels, floral prints, frills and other feminine patterns.


Libra is a composed sign with balance and beauty. They like matching pairs of everything and are conscious people. They hate showing-off. So, keep your style simple and subtle while attracting a Libran.

For the man 

Dark coloured leather jackets work magic on a Libra woman. A finely tailored suit can make her weak in the knees.

For the woman

Remember that it is balance you are seeking out. You can wear contemporary accessories, work on your shoes, bags and other items. Try to avoid loud colours.


Scorpios are show offs. They like to socialise and live life to the fullest.

For the man

Women like navy blue ties, designer shirts and flirty low waist jeans on their man. The “bad boy” look with a full grown beard will send electric pulses through her spine.

For the woman

Men like chiffon blouses, and shades of pink distributed throughout their women's look. The girly pink actually drives them crazy!

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They are notoriously casual. They like the routine and things of habit, so try to reflect that in your dressing.

For the man

Men can try out khakis, pajamas pants, and loose fitting jeans to get attention of their Sagittarius women.

For the woman

Choose a scarf, pantsuits, sarees or short skirts; or just anything that you usually are comfortable in. Sagittarians hate to see you wear something unusual that you appear to be uncomfortable in.


Capricorns love looking sharp. For them dressing up is an art and they appreciate if their partner puts thought and labour behind looking good.

For the man

To win a Capricorn girl’s heart, you will have to display sophistication through your dressing. They like formal wear, expensive wallets, gold chains and well-done hair.

For the woman

Men on the other hand love to see unique leather bags, innovative and expensive jewellery, cocktail dresses and other feminine stuff on their women.


Aquarius prefers and believes in vintage dressing. They are attracted to one of a kind item and they search for it on their partners too.

For the man

Aquarius women are very simple in their choices. They like their men wearing casuals, beach prints, thrifty shirts, cardigans and good sandals.

For the woman

Men like shawls, salwar-kameez, kurtis, necklaces on their women. So keep it simple and traditional.

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Pisceans are soft and natural in their tastes. So, keep in mind to dress simple, yet smart.

For the man

Women prefer satin fabrics, latest trendy sweaters and blazers worn by men. Anything that makes them look true gentlemen. Clean shaven is what Pisces women mostly prefer.

For the woman

Wear something super girly to attract a Pisces man. They find flowing fabrics, girlie cuts and patterns attractive.

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