Fashion Fest in Guwahati promotes handloom traditions of the northeast

Guwahati, Mar. 12 (ANI): A fashion fest was recently held in Guwahati to promote handloom traditions of the northeast, especially for the national and international market.

Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan walked the ramp in Guwahati in designer Sunita Shankar's creations. The designer made innovative use of Assam silk with traditional motifs in western silhouettes.

"I have come to the northeast for the first time. I live in Mumbai currently and I have lived in Delhi also, but never got a chance to come to this side of the country. It is a very beautiful place and a part of our country," said Khan.

"I really like and appreciate the aim and objective behind the northeast fashion show and festival which is to bring together all the states and parts of our country. People become aware of different traditions arts and crafts that exist in the northeastern region," she added.

The fashion show was part of the three-day long 'North East Fest' that was inaugurated by Assam's Textile Minister Pranati Phookan.

The Ministry of Handloom and Textiles of Assam organized this show in association with BASICS. The fest included open studios and weaving workshops, lectures, forums and floor talks, exhibition of fashion and lifestyle products, and other cultural programmes.

Phookan, who was delighted to be on the occasion, said 'it's the world of fashion nowadays and Eri, Muga Silk are the famous items of our northeast'

" I think by the unique and traditional dresses being promoted in the Northeast Fashion Show of the Festival, it will expose our traditional handloom products not only in the country but to the entire world," he added.

Mayank Jha, the event organiser, said 'we have a lot of cultural participation happening from all various tribal groups so those will be showcased at the main menu then we have the weavers section who has come down who are exhibiting their collection of whatever they have produced so far'.

"Then we have apwa who has done it so northeast festival is a part of the music the food, the culture and fashion.," he added.

Assam's handloom industry is silk oriented. Four varieties of silk worms and their host-plants, mulberry, Eri, Muga and Oak Tassar are popular and important for economic and commercial purposes.

Such festivals provide an opportunity to the local designers and weavers to showcase their products on a big platform and reach out to more people. (ANI)