Feeling 'low and left out' common in new and expecting mothers in India: Survey

Yahoo Lifestyle Entertainment3 January 2014

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a magical time in every woman's life. However, we often forget how challenging it can get for a lady physically and emotionally. While much of the attention is focused on the child and his/her well being during and post pregnancy, The Yummy Mummy Survey by Neilson Group places the spot light on the mother - what worries her, her preferences, her personal challenges and more. After all, bringing a human being into the world is no cake walk!

The Yummy Mummy Survey spoke to over 600 new and expecting mothers across metros and non metros in India in order to understand them better. It was revealed that76% of them agree that they sometimes feel low that everyone is so focused on the child while it is their body and them going through so many changes. Additionally, 93% of them believe that their husbands would want them to look the way they used to before pregnancy.

Further, 87% of new and expecting mothers in India agree that they worry about their physical appearance during & post pregnancy. Moreover, 90% of new and expecting mothers agree that stretch marks are one of the most worrisome issues with respect to their looks.

Noted gynecologist Dr. Kiran Coelho says, "Many of my patients worry about stretch marks and ask me for remedies. But, very few actually know the facts behind them." In fact, the Yummy Mummy Survey also found that 52% of new and expecting mothers feel that stretch marks have no cure. "Pregnancy stretch marks can be prevented by keeping the skin hydrated. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin E & C and drink sufficient water. Use a natural ingredients based product such as a dry oil which gets rapidly absorbed into the skin without leaving behind a residue." says Dr. Coelho, debunking the popular myth.

Ask these new moms and moms to be what they associate with being a "Yummy Mummy" and 57% of them say "having a beautiful body post pregnancy" and while 56% cite "having beautiful skin". Also, 41% of these women think their sister is a yummy mummy and has inspired them to be one too. 97% of them have admitted to actively taking steps to be a yummy mummy, a revelation that we are sure has made Indian husbands very happy!

The survey had some other interesting findings as mentioned below:

74% of new and expecting mothers agree they are open to travelling during pregnancy

82% agree they think pregnancy is a lot more fun today than it was a decade ago

94% of new moms and moms to be agree that they like to take care of themselves as much as they take care of their baby to be

81% of Indian women use television the most to gather information during pregnancy

65% of new and expecting mothers in metros agree that for them, skin care is one of the most ignored areas during and post pregnancy

76% of new and expecting mothers in India agree that they think wearing saree during/post pregnancy becomes an embarrassment because of stretch marks showing

61% new and expecting mothers mention Shilpa Shetty as the Yummiest Mummy

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