Should Fiat Kill the Chrysler Brand?

Jeff Perez

One of our readers recently brought up an interesting question to our Facebook page- what if Fiat killed off the Chrysler brand? That’s right, the whole of the Chrysler automotive brand ceased to exist. All of it. Finito. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

This thought comes off back-and-forth reports of Dodge’s demise in the marketplace for good, and Fiat’s imminent takeover of Chrysler from (soon to be) here on. So what does the Pentastar brand really have to offer? Let’s take a look:


chrysler-200-s-special-edition (1)

Essentially, a rebadged, rebooted Sebring sedan. Or if we really want to get down to it, a “luxury” Dodge Avenger. Sure, it’s not completely horrid looking and inside we hear it’s a relatively nice place to be. But is anyone actually buying this? Is anyone’s first choice of luxury sedan a Chrysler 200? We didn’t think so.



Thanks to a Mr. Ralph Gilles, the 300 became the go-to Rolls-Royce wannabe when it came out in 2005. And for good reason, the design was polarizing, to say the least. Since then, the 300 has gone through a full makeover (alongside the Sebring/200) and been a relatively niche vehicle in the luxury lineup.

Only good news would be that the 300 is the only full-size, RWD American luxury sedan in the market. The Cadillac XTS and Lincoln MKS are both yawn-worthy to the point where the 300 could possibly be missed. But then again, you could just by a 5-Series.

Town and Country

Town and Country

This is a large part of the reason that Chrysler is still afloat. Massive sales along with massive fleet shipments have made the Town and Country one of the most highly-praised minivans on the market. Not to take away from a stunning interior and build quality.

But wouldn’t this suit better as a Dodge Caravan anyways? Cheaper and a bit more mainstream for buyers. We’d say cut your losses and leave one or the other. And considering the 200 and 300 aren’t making much of a dent in sales, it makes one wonder if some consolidations need to be made among the Dodge and Chrysler lineups.

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