Flickr Rides – The Flickr Riders are here

Yahoo Lifestyle Entertainment17 September 2013
Flickr Rides Winners Announced


Thank you for participating! We have now stopped accepting entries to the contest, though you can always enjoy the brilliant shots our winners have clicked.

We are pleased to announce the finalists of the Bangalore Flickr Rides contest:

Gourab Das
Koteeswaran MK
Nishant Khurana
Anirban Banerjee
Saurabh Singh
Om Vaikul
Mayur Mahanta
Vishal Thomas
Thulashi Dharan J

And here are the first set of Delhi Flickr Rides finalists.

Rahul Sharma
Akash Deep
Akash Rathi
Siddharth Tyagi
Deepak Kotnala
Rishabh Sood
Manjit Singh Bajwa
Sachin Gupta
Samrat Gupta

If travel, biking and photography are your passion then Flickr Rides is the group for you. Share your best memories and win a chance to Ride across Australia on a Super Bike!

The concept is simple: If you click pictures that you feel are worth bragging about then be a part of the Flickr Rides Group and start uploading. The pictures could be of people, places, landscapes, basically any ‘WOW’ moment that’s caught your eye.

 A panel of experts will choose twenty of the best photographs/photographers. And if your photograph is among them, then;

-    You get a chance ride alongside Super bikes for Flickr rides event in Delhi or Bangalore.
-    And WIN prizes worth Rs.15,000/-

And the excitement just doesn’t stop there..for One lucky rider among the twenty will get to go on a weeklong roadtrip (all expenses paid) in Australia alongside Sundeep Gajjar – the Motographer.

And since there are no limits to creativity, Flickr gives you 1 TB of space to upload your universe of pictures. Upload more, Share more!

Remember, the more you upload, the more your chances of winning!


So how does one click-start this ride?

•    Visit  from your desktop or mobile and join the group with your Facebook, Gmail or YAHOO account OR
•    You can also download the Flickr app for your Android or iOS phone and join the group form your mobile.
•    Sign in/sign up in the mobile app using your Facebook, Gmail or YAHOO account.
•    Click on Search, select groups and search for Flickr rides. Join the group and start tagging pictures to the group.

So start uploading. And get ready to Ride, Discover, Flickr!

NOTE: To be eligible for the contest you have to tag the images you upload to the “Flickr Rides” group.

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