Foods for a brighter smile

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Stylefactor StarTips25 October 2013

With the advent of smartphones and instant uploading of our photos and selfies to social media, all the world can immediately see us. It's best that we always put ourselves in the most flattering light: face at the right angle, smiling our best, hair looking just right.

Celebs have no choice but to look 100% glam, almost 100% of the time. A bad paparazzi pic is plain disaster!

Of course, we can't be walking around constantly checking ourselves in the mirror or doing test selfies (wait — people do that already, right?), so it can only help that eat right to look our best.

Looking beautiful actually starts before cleansing or skincare regimen. It's crucial you eat the right food to get clear, soft skin and to get bouncy, soft hair. Eating the right foods is crucial to even a lovely smile like Olay endorser and longtime fave Madhuri Dixit.

From our sister site The Thread on Yahoo US, check out this video on what food to eat — and avoid — for a smile that not only looks great in any photo, but should bring some joy to all you meet and see!

The right foods for a brighter smileHealth Expert Joy Bauer is here to give us the scoop on the foods we should be eating--and avoiding—for a better and bright white smile.

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