Funbassador Mechanics

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1. This search for Yahoo Funbassadors is open to all local residents or expatriates in the following countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Taiwan and must be 21 years old and older.
2. The winning Yahoo Funbassador plus a companion designated by the Funbassador per participating country will be awarded an all-expenses paid trip to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, and Manila.
3. To qualify, Yahoo! Funbassador candidates must submit a video clip not longer than 2 minutes or a creative self-photo with caption to prove why they should be chosen as the Y! Funbassador in their country. They can submit their videos or photos by sharing it on Flickr, emailing the video or photo link to, or sharing it in their social media accounts with the #funbassador and to tag @Yahoo India for Facebook and @YahooIndia for Twitter.
4. Yahoo Funbassadors will be selected using the following criteria: Creativity of Video or Photo Submission (40%), Personality (40%) and “X Factor” (20%)
5. The deadline for the video and photo entries is extended until November 15, 2013. The entries will be screened and chosen by a panel of Yahoo representatives, DOT representative and an optional guest judge to be determined by Yahoo.
6. Shortlisted Funbassadors will then be announced on November 18, 2013.


7. Shortlisted Funbassadors will then be given their own profile pages within the  Funbassador site, which they can use to campaign for votes. Members of the public will be invited to vote for the participant they consider to be the most creative and original (“Votes”).
8.    One shortlisted participant from each country will be selected by a panel of judges on November 22, 2013 to be the appointed Funbassador for that country (the “Winners”). Winners will be the entrants whose entries fulfill the entry criteria and whose video entries and profile pages are judged to best fulfill the criteria set out at paragraph 4 above. The panel of judges will take the Votes into consideration in determining whether the criteria are met and to what extent, however the Votes alone will not be determinative in the selection of the Winners.
9. Yahoo Funbassador search is sponsored by The Department of Tourism Philippines. Yahoo holds the right to use Funbassador video in promotion across Yahoo and within on-ground events hosted by Yahoo and the Department of Tourism.
10. Yahoo Funbassador winners should agree to travel to the Philippines during the duration of the event which is 7 days covering trips to Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Tagaytay. Failure to fulfill is covered and detailed in Yahoo Contest T&C.
11. Participation in this contest is subject to terms and conditions found at Use of Flickr is subject to Flickr’s Terms of Use at
Travel Inclusions and Exclusions
1. The all-expenses 7-day paid trip includes airline tickets, travel insurance and accommodation to winning entrants as well as immigration entry fees and airport taxes. However, this does not include processing of visa to the Philippines. Winning contestants must present valid proof of identity, approved visa and passport details on or before November 24, 2013 to a designated third party to be announced in this site.
2. Winning Funbassadors are expected to arrange for their personal insurance coverage if they wish to do so.