Funny Indian Matrimonial Ads: Our Eligibility Standards?;

It is said that the requirements and expectations for brides and grooms in Indian culture have now changed, compared to what they were a decade ago. Well, once you watch a few crazy, funny matrimonial ads that we have found (in the video given below), we think you might not say that anymore.

Like before, people are still looking for packages, rather than human beings. The labels of 'homely', 'fair', 'class' and 'qualifications' have not diminished from the Indian marriage market yet. Here is something to tickle your funny bone. After watching this, it is on you to decide, whether we have really come out of the above tags or not?

So, take a look.


“We are liberal and our bahu should be well-qualified, willing to sit at home.”

Video starts with a mother of a teetotaller, who calls the shots while her husband takes a backseat. She is liberal (literally willing to discard her narrow values), but wants a girl who is well-qualified, but willing to sit at home and manage the household duties. Her son is handsome, fair, non-smoker. And, as if that wasn't enough, this doting mother throws in qualities like “handsome, fair, 6 feet, doctor, undergoing PG, and holding a dual citizenship" in her search for a daughter-in-law. She wants all the qualities and beauty in the girl for her intelligent son.

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“I don’t want a typical old fashioned man from Indian serials.”

The way girls have portrayed their lifestyle is equally bizarre. We truly appreciate beautiful Kalpana's intentions and clarifications over her miniskirt demand. A miniskirt indeed is very important to a girl, we say. Kalpana feels that watching an item number or enjoying an ad with women eating mangoes is directly proportional to disrespecting a woman. So, she won't be able to connect with such guys. But, we are sure, guys who respect her prized possession, her miniskirt, will definitely be able to win this lady’s heart. Let us know, who would fulfil all these whims and fantasies for her?

“If he ever opens the door for me, I will leave him. He should not think I cannot open my own doors.”

Here is another independent and modern day woman seeking a groom who should not open a door for her as she can open her own doors. She has a ‘numbered’ list of demands of what the guy should not expect her to do. Her rebellious mood hints us that she is more interested in challenging the male clan than seeking a groom. But, with her list of demand, we are sure her suitors will be scratching their heads.

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“I won’t play khusti with my wife, unless she likes me to.”

We cannot resist talking about this suitor, who badly “needs a girl.” At first, we thought this khusti aficionado is looking for an opponent rather than a bride. We doubt if his flowery language and being "childheart" would guarantee him any success here. Thankfully he made it very clear that he won't play kushti with his wife until she likes him to (that's what he meant). Oh! And be sure that he has no case against him in any courts, ‘phew’!

“I’m a young divorcee, looking for a young girl who has never married before.”

We also have a brief introduction to Indian society with hypocrisy at its best. A young divorced man who claims "I am a simple guy" is eager to start a new life, has many logical demands. He wishes to marry a young beautiful girl who has never married before. Well, it seems like even his additional stress on, "I am not a lucky guy" will not bring him any sympathies and feelings here.

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Apart from these, there are many more interesting people in this video. Every one seems to be looking for very 'simple' things in their life partner. Well, are these really simple or not, we leave it on you to decide!