George Clooney ditched as face of Nespresso coffee


London, Mar. 11 (ANI): Coffee brand Nespresso has dumped George Clooney as their brand ambassador.

The company could be hiring Spanish star Penelope Cruz as his replacement in their ads.

The 51-year-old actor has sent sales of the coffee capsules soaring in the past seven years, the Sun reported.

His commercials often play up his sex appeal only for women to shun Clooney for the instant brew.

In one of the ads, he was killed by a coffee maker but spared by God, played by John Malkovich.

Cruz is already doing the commercials for the coffee brand in the US.

But sources said that Nespresso, owned by giant Nestle, could ask customers to pick a new star when Clooney's deal runs out this year. (ANI)