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Movie posters are in the news once again. And this time they are creating quite a stir in creative circles.  We are talking about a bunch of die-hard cinephiles who are bringing minimalism into the fine art of poster-making.

Abhinav Bhatt tells us how it all began."There are several minimal movie posters floating around on the Internet but most of them were pertaining to Hollywood Movies. The biggest collection of them being the Minimal movie posters. Since thousands of Indian movies get released in every year in several languages, I felt, we should have a Minimal Movie Poster India version as well. So I made a  'Mr. India' minimal poster and posted it on my blog and shared the link on Facebook on 5th January 2012. The very next day, I made the blog  and uploaded a few more minimal posters.

Soon it became viral on Twitter and within a few hours we got huge numbers. Contributions have come in from Ojasvi Mohanty and Hemant AR in Bangalore, Meghana Kulkarni and Ashish Acharya from Pune, Srijan Dubey from Mumbai, Shaunak Mukherjee from Ahmedabad,  Hirni Pathak from Ranchi and Akshar Pathak from Delhi. Together, they account for more than 60 posters on the blog.

Abhinav says, Meghana has taken efforts and organized an exhibition in Pune from 1st March to 10th March at a cafe/restaurant called Grubshup and the feedback has been positive. People, who are usually accustomed to loud and in-your- face posters, liked these minimal designs that depict the concept of the movie rather simply.

That brings us full circle. It makes us wonder – why minimal? Don't we as a nation love clutter? Take a look at some of the posters and decide for yourself

Hirni Pathak, one of the contributors says, "minimalistic art says more simply because it leaves the art open for to many interpretations. The concept of minimalistic movie posters is bang on the money. It expresses the essence or the striking parts of the movie just enough to generate curiosity and leave the audience hungry for more. My idea of a minimal poster is to keep it neat. It serves the purpose better because the viewer is struck by one single thing which is easier on our fickle brain and likely to make a bigger impact than a clutter of pictures and designs.”

“I believe minimalmoviepostersindia is a brilliant platform especially for new designers still looking for inspiration as it fuels the passion for design with maximum fun and minimal efforts".

Ojasvi Mohanty, who has come up with some brilliant contributions has more to say.  "Although there have been sites/blogs such as these abroad for some time now and a lot of pro-active designers doing their bit  the whole concept of minimalist posters makes a lot of sense in the Indian context primarily because our aesthetic is not as simple as the Western world".

Both in our movies as well as our life we like a bit of colour, chaos and what I'd like to term  'order in disorder'. This orgy of colours and aesthetics obviously is carried forward to other walks of life and reflects in our film posters too. Now, after having worked in the design industry in India, I know the kind of restrictions involved in the design of a film poster. The need to portray stars on the poster is inevitable; after all, the stars draws the crowds. Of course, of late there have been braver mainstream posters, with a new breed of independent directors we have films that are original and avant-grade; we sure are evolving as an industry.

"For me", Ojasvi adds, "minimal movie posters for Indian films was a much-needed initiative because it contradicts our mainstream poster design aesthetics. It's a breath of fresh air. MMPI may be in its nascent stage but it has given us a platform to engage in an independent dialogue regarding the movies we love. And it satisfies the inner urge of every self-respecting designer who itches to work uninhibited.

Abhinav adds that most of posters are made in photoshop with minimalist graphics used. with minimalist graphics.  Which brings us to one of the most basic questions: how do you submit your designs? "Anyone can submit the posters on the blog Minimal Movie Poster page. It is currently moderated because we have received posters which were in no way minimal". says Abhinav.

Abhinav hopes the blog gets more contributors from regional languages as well and hold exhibitions in other parts of the country too.

For more posters go over to the blog - Minimal Movie Posters

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