Guns N' Roses to release 3D concert film

London, Jan 23 (ANI): Guns N' Roses have followed fellow rockers U2 and Metallica and popstar Katy Perry by announcing a 3D concert film of a show from their 12-night residency in Las Vegas last year.

A release has been promised in theatres, on TV and DVD later this year, via an official Facebook page.

Appetite for Democracy is being captured by 3D company Rock Fuel Media, the BBC reported.

"It doesn't quite feel like being at the concert but it does feel like the next best thing," Screen Daily editor Wendy Mitchell said of the 3D format.

She said that it brings so much more to a concert film to have that third dimension.

It goes from being something we've all seen and experienced a lot, to an event, an experience, especially when you're going to the cinema to see it, she said.

Mitchell said it seems like a natural progression for Axl Rose and his bandmates to put out a 3D film, after 27 years. (ANI)