'The Honeymooners' star Sheila MacRae dies at 92


Washington, March 9 (ANI): Sheila MacRae, best known for playing Jackie Gleason's wife Alice Kramden in the 1960s version of 'The Honeymooners', has passed away at her home in Englewood, New Jersey. She was 92.

MacRae's daughter, actress Heather, said that her mum had a great life and was "quite a fascinating broad" almost like an Autie Mame character, Us Magazine reported.

Heather continued saying that her mum's death came suddenly and was the result of old age.

She added that the mum-of-four suffered from dementia, but was healthy otherwise.

MacRae had four children, Heather, William, Meredith and Robert, with former 'Oklahoma!' star hubby Gordon MacRae, out of which the latter two have died. (ANI)