Imran’s search for the right jeans

Sayoni Sinha
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To get his look right for ‘Once Upon a Time Again’, Imran Khan borrowed Akshay Kumar’s make-up man’s jeans

After going rustic Haryanavi boy for Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Maatru ki Bijli Ka Mandola’, Imran Khan will be going the tapori way in Milan Lutharia’s sequel for ‘Once Upon A Time Again’. Like its prequel, this film is also based on the Mumbai underworld and stars Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan.
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If you are Aamir Khan’s nephew, you are bound to take your profession seriously. To get his look right for the film, Imran Khan borrowed Akshay Kumar’s makeup man’s jeans. This is not the normal casual jeans which everyone wears but a bell-bottomed style which were highly popular in 80’s.Since the film is also based during that time, Imran wanted the perfect pair and his struggle to find one came to an end when he spotted Akshay’s make-up man wearing it.
 “Imran was struggling to get one of these 80’s jeans as they are not in fashion anymore. Imran’s look in ‘Once Upon A Time Again’ is dedicated to the heroes of the 80’s. So he requested Akshay and his make-up man if he could borrow them and Akshay immediately agreed,” says a source from the set.
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When contacted Imran’s spokesperson confirmed, “Imran doesn’t want to miss even the minutest of the details to get his character right. Here, we will be witnessing Imran in a new avatar before. Yes, Imran Khan was struggling to get his jeans for a long time and suddenly he found one worn by Akshay Kumar's makeup man.”

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