Hriday uses rain machine in the monsoons

Kunal Guha
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Director Hriday Shetty uses a rain machine to shoot, ‘Chaalis Chaurasi’, despite the monsoons. Find out why

While most of the movie shootings currently are getting cancelled left, right and center because of the rains, filmmaker Hriday Shetty has managed to use the weather and manipulate it for his benefit. He is currently shooting his next directorial project, Chaalis Chaurasi in Mumbai and he seems to be the only maker continuously shooting without weather being a problem. “Once Hriday comes on the sets, the rain stops and there is no weather hindrance. It is very weird but true. He is like a Rain God, who manipulates rain for the shooting with just his presence,” says a crew member.

“Not a day of our schedule has been cancelled because of the rains. I know it sounds strange but rain does stop as soon as I reach the sets and have to start shooting,” laughs Hriday. In fact, Hriday is the only filmmaker using a rain machine during monsoons to create artificial rain. “A lot of people might wonder why I am using a rain machine during monsoons. But it doesn’t rain while I am shooting and for the rain scene I have had to use the rain machine,” explains Hriday.

The shooting of Chaalis Chaurasi is almost complete, but the cast and crew can’t stop raving about Hriday’s filmmaking skills. “From the locations he has chosen to the way he has directed the movie, Hriday was a delight to work with. I haven’t heard the man scream even once,” says actor Atul Kulkarni. Be it nature’s way or Murphy’s Law, let’s hope this artificial rain doesn’t wet Hriday’s original vision for the film.

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