Hrithik Roshan undergoes surgery

Sayoni Sinha
Yahoo! India Movies

Hrithik Roshan underwent surgery here Sunday to remove an old blood clot on the brain surface and the operation went off smoothly.  The star had a 50-minute neuro-surgery to correct the chronic Subdural Hematoma condition which is caused by bleeding of veins due to head injury which resulted in severe headaches.
The actor was accompanied by his family and underwent surgery at 3pm at a hospital in Mumbai. Sources say that Hrithik suffered a water blow in the head during the diving shoot for his film a couple of months back. Ever since, he has had continuous headaches, and later, a clot formed between the brain membrane and the skull. The hospital released statement that Hrithik is advised 3 more days in the hospital post which he can gradually get to his normal lifestyle and shooting schedules post 4 weeks.