In conversation with Tabu

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Q. The first thing your fans want to know is where have you been?

A. I am waiting for projects which are convincing and till they come I have to wait for it. I also know that nothing is 100 per cent perfect but even if it is 60 per cent perfect and has the factors that work for me, then I am ready to do the film.

Q. 'Life of Pi' is a magnum opus, how was the experience of working in a film like this one?

A. It was an intense experience in many ways, like you said I was a part of a big project. The story is about a small family, essentially it is about the boy, not about me but I wanted to be a part of this project because I knew that even though I don't have the central character, I will take back something from this film, I was completely sure of that. And I was really looking for that kind of experience at that time when the film came to me. I am a huge fan of Ang Lee.

Q. How was the experience of working with him as he created this magic onscreen? How was it different from working with other international filmmakers?

A. It was a new experience. As a character, it was not a very demanding because I have played an Indian girl, a South Indian woman and it's a comfort zone but physically it was very different because it was 3D. I was also in a new place, Taiwan where I did not know anybody.

With Mira in 'Namesake', she was an Indian, there was a strong Indian connect with the director and there were so many Indian elements in the project.

Ang's sensibility as a director is completely different plus you are not in your regular comfort zone either. Ang makes films which are so huge, so complex and so layered and yet he is so simple and a very rooted family man.

Q. A film like 'English Vinglish' gets such an overwhelming response, do you think strong women-centric roles are becoming part of mainstream cinema?

A. There is a change in Bollywood cinema, the audience taste is changing, it is now time to say good stories with strong characters.

Q. When do we see you in a typical Bollywood film?

A. I am ready to do a typical Masala film any time. After all, I am product of films like 'Vijaypath' and that is my comfort zone.