Interesting Workout Ideas for Couples

You will find many interesting tips to spice up your love life (in and out of the bed!), be it teasing your beloved’s senses or making your spouse feel special. But, here is another way in which you can heat up things with your better half. This is by toning your body and losing some fat together. Apart from hitting the gym, there are many interesting workout ideas through which couples can spend quality time together, while simultaneously losing weight.
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Move to dance beats

If you are the couple that loves to tear up the dance floor at nightclubs and weddings, it is time you take a step ahead and burn some calories. Sign up for a dance class and match steps with your sweetheart. There are some interesting dance-workouts, like zumba and dance aerobics. An hour long session of zumba can help your burn about 325-725 calories. You can also go for an enticing couple dance form like rumba, salsa or tango. It surely would be a turn-on for you to see your partner groove to some Latino music, we believe!

Partner yoga

If fast pace workout is not your cup of tea, here is a more peaceful option for you. Practice yoga with your partner. With 'couples yoga', you and your partner can help to provide support to each other during stretches. A few yoga poses that you can do with your partner include, double standing straddle, double boat, supported back arch and double seated twist pose. It works well for couples because it teaches them the art of balance. Yoga will not only make you more flexible and calmer, but will also bring you closer (physically and spiritually).

Jogger's park

Another interesting way to sweat some calories with your partner is to hop to your neighbourhood park for a jog with your partner. It will teach you two to adjust to each other’s pace. For instance, if your partner likes to jog at a faster pace, they will either have to slow down for you or you will have to catch up. Either ways you both will have to be a little adjusting. And, soon there will be a time where you both will be jogging at the same speed, bucking each other up. A fitness and relationship lesson entwined, we say!

Push that pedal

Cycling is an inexpensive outdoor activity for melting some fat. So, go ahead and enjoy a joy ride around the town with your partner. This is the perfect solution for couples who easily get bored of a gymming routine. You can also take your cycles and hit the countryside. This way you will enjoy the fresh air with a perfect company, and reap the health benefits of cycling as well. It will keep your heart pumping and keep you both fit and fine, and stress-free. A 24kmph cycling speed can help you to burn 970 calories approximately.


Swimming is another excellent workout idea to tone your muscles and have some fun with your partner. Explore your love for each other and for fitness by splashing some water around. And, what can be a better way to cool your nerves after a stressful day at work than a dip in the cool waters with your better half. Swimming is a good way to relax your muscles as well. With swimming, you can burn up to 215-765 calories in half an hour.

Get kicking

Celebrities boast about how kickboxing has helped them stay in shape. Now it is your turn to try this out to stay fit. This is a suggestion for sporty couples, who like adrenaline rush. This activity will also teach you to coordinate your moves with your partner. And hey, there is nothing to be ashamed if you lose to your better half. A simple 15 minutes of kickboxing can help you lose about 160 calories. So, get going and buy some boxing pads and gloves. It’s a win-win situation, anyway!

What are you still waiting for? Take your partner's hand, and gear up to stay fit together!