Jacqueline Fernandez participates in 'Are We Safe' campaign

New Delhi, Sept 2 (ANI): Actress Jacqueline Fernandez participated in a debate on 'Are We Safe' campaign, which aims to raise questions on safety of women in India, recently.

The 28-year-old former beauty queen, who is originally from Sri Lanka, said that she was supporting the cause to educate herself about the initiative and to spread awareness about the same.

The 'Race 2' actress added that she was impressed with the work of the police in nabbing the accused in the recent Mumbai gangrape case.

"I was very happy to hear today the kind of work Mumbai police is doing to ensure our safety. It makes me feel safer now. As in I know what I need to do. What numbers I need to call off course that in itself needs to spread across which is why these initiatives are very important because with the media we are creating that and are helping people to find out and realize what they need to do as well," said Fernandez. (ANI)