Jaguar Promises Unique New F-Type Concept for Goodwood

Jeff Perez

The Jaguar F-Type is hands-down one of the best new droptops on the market today. It’s got the looks, the performance and apparently a little bit more to show come this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

According to Jag execs, expect to see “an exciting new design study based on the Jaguar F-Type convertible sportscar.” This leaves us with one crucial question- what is it? Well, while Jag has been out and about testing its expectedly handsome F-Type coupe, we doubt it’s ready for an appearance already.

Jaguar F-Type Sport Wagon

So this leaves us with a few options: an F-Type racecar– hopefully something similar to the Group 44 concept we saw earlier in the year. A second option: an F-Type sport wagon– another stunning concept that appeared unknowingly from the deepest realms of the interwebs a few months ago.

Along with all this F-Type excitement, Jaguar promises a barrage of vehicles, both new and old, to take center stage when Goodwood begins Thursday, July 11th.

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