Jammin thru India Day 6 - Tirunelveli to Aluva, Kerala

Jay Kannaiyan
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From Tirunelveli, I headed south and passed the wind farm at Muppandal. It's good to see India trying to green up her energy generation but we have a long way to go. I soon reached Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. From here, it's all the way north to Kashmir!

A crowd soon formed around this strange biker and after answering the questions of where I'm from, where I'm going and how much mileage the bike gives, I was back on the road, heading for my first state border.

I crossed into Kerala and realized that from here on, I wouldn't know the local languages of the states that I would be riding through. I'm trying to learn some basic Hindi and should be able to manage and Malayalam is similar to Tamil, so I'm good for a few more days.

From Thiruvananthapuram, I headed a bit inland and took a state highway north, staying away from the busy coastal highway. The road was in great condition and with Kerala being so hilly, the riding was good fun with lots of twists and turns and climbs and drops. Traffic is crazy but I've learned how to read the local driving habits and can anticipate if that rickshaw driver is going straight or about to make a random u-turn.

I rode past busy Kochi and met up with an old Kodai School friend, John Thomas. He was a year senior to me and studied History at Jawaharlal Nehru University and is now teaching at a local university in Aluva, a bit north of Kochi.

Distance clocked today: 416 km. Total 1,355 km

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