Jennifer Lawrence credits mum for taking up 'Hunger Games' role

Washington, Mar 30 (ANI): Jennifer Lawrence has said that her career could have turned out much differently had she ignored her mother's advice to take up 'The Hunger Games.'

The 22-year-old actress told Britain's Fabulous magazine that she was quiet hesitant about signing onto a project with such a huge fan following, Contactmusic reported.

She said that it is really rare that saying yes to something can completely change your life.

She asserted that she was happy with her life and she didn't know if she wanted it to change.

She further revealed that she had always imagined a future where she would be a soccer mom driving a mini-van and her kids would be normal and that just didn't fit with taking on a giant franchise, so, she took three days to decide, and each day was a different answer.

She finally talked to her mother who said that she was a hypocrite, as she was not saying yes to a project that had a story and a character that she loved, but had a doubt about the size of it. (ANI)